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The paving slabs in Lindos village are slippery - make sure you have footwear with a grip for walking around. Inevitably, the donkeys foul the walkways but there are cleaners who regularly follow the route.

Don't take a boat trip without sufficient clothing to protect you from the sun or in case the weather changes during the trip.

If you visit the Acropolis, take sensible footwear as the surfaces in some parts are rough and uneven. Do not let anyone lean too far into the crenallations - there has been at least one death by falling from the battlements. Also, make sure you have a hat or cap and take water with you (this applies to any walk or journey you make).

Think carefully before you say anything bad to anyone: the Greeks are easily upset. One year we expressed our dislike for Faliraki to a taxi driver and it turned out to be his home town. He was not at all happy!

If you go clubbing - stick to water or bottled drinks (something you see opened). If you drink shorts you run the danger of being given cheap alcohol and you don't want to know how ill that can make you!

Keep off the shallows adjacent to the jetty at the Pallas Beach. There may be sharp, black anenomes on the rocks which can give you a painful sting.