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Working in Lindos

I am afraid I cannot give much advice on working in Lindos. The Greek people are struggling as it is, so if you want to work in a bar or restaurant expect to work long hours for little money.

If you accept unofficial employment you will not have medical insurance. Whether official or unofficial you will have no security of employment.

Some bar owners will employ only the prettiest girls to attract customers and some will "hit" on the girls. One disagreement and you may well be replaced pretty quickly.

There is no network or specific source of information for available jobs. I certainly have no knowledge of jobs. You need to be there and to treck around. Don't forget, though, that many jobs will be held by people who work every season.

You need to find what is called "workers" accommodation. This will be basic and hot and may offer little privacy. You can only find this once you are there.

You need to take enough money to live for a month without employment and to pay a month's rent in advance. If things aren't going well you need to leave while you have enough money to get home.

That's about all I can say. Please don't email me about working as I don't have the answers you want and have nothing to add to what I have written here.