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General map

Useful Locations

1: Main Square   2: Post Office   3: Church   4: Old Forum   5: Old Amphitheatre  
6: New Amphitheatre   7: Pharmacy   8: Police Station
9: Top Car Park/Lindos Reception  

Bars & Restaurants

1: Med East   2: Sunburnt Arms   3: Lindos By Night   4: Courtyard Bar
5: Lindos Restaurant   6: Kalypso Restaurant   7: Socrates Bar
8: Dionysos Restaurant   9: Apollon Bar  

Here is a little collage which shows the area of Krana in relationship to Lindos itself.

Moving anti-clockwise from bottom centre...
The pool in the centre/foreground and rooftop below /under the rock is Krana Apts.
Immediately adjacent (up and right) is a supermarket and a pool bar.
The large complex far right centre is Lindos Gardens.
Lindos Horizons & Eleni Apts are off the picture to the right.
Above/beyond Lindos Gardens is an area which contains Lindos Athena, Blue Sky,
Venus Island, Rafael & Caesar's Gardens.
Next, nestling under the cliff/hill at the back, are Lambis and Lindos Myth Apts.
Centre back, adjacent to the road, is Lindos View.

The area just above the Krana pool is the coach park and bus stop area. The shuttle buses leave from here to go down to the main square. Immediately to the left is the main road down to the square. Centre back the road curves down to Lindos Reception, the top car park (free), the overflow and car hire car park (down a level) and the road to St Pauls Bay and Pefkos.

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