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Wedding Planner

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Wedding Planner

You should consider using a "wedding planner" to help make everything go smoothly. I hear more and more comments from people that the tour operators simply don't (or can't) provide the full service. A Wedding Planner has the knowledge and the contacts to organise everything, saving you an enormous amount of running around in the week before the wedding. If you were to use a representative of the tour operator or a local travel agency, a percentage of everything you pay will be commission or mark-up and that will devalue what you are paying for.

Each year, in the region of 400 to 500 couples marry in Lindos and your wedding needs to be scheduled carefully. A Planner will help you to avoid, where possible, brides passing each other on the path to St Paul's Bay. A Planner should be able to find out the time (and date) of your wedding quicker than you can, giving you more time to prepare. He/She will be able to co-ordinate the ceremony, hair-dressing, flowers & button-holes, photographer, cake and reception.

Please be aware that commissions paid to the organiser for selecting a particular venue for the reception is common place, regardless of whether you use a Tour Organiser or an independent planner. Based on experience, if you are told that the restaurant you really want is not available, check directly with the restaurant and, if it is available, kick up about it. I have heard of cases where a party was told their preferred venue was unavailable and an alternative was suggested because it made the booker more money. Other requests such as plate smashing and live music can be arranged, given enough time.

Suggestions for Wedding Planners are...

"Exquisite" -

Charlotte has lived in Lindos for years and is married to Kostas (who many people will know from his sunshade and pedalo franchise on the Pallas beach).

"Thank you very much for all your assistance especially the introduction to Charlotte who was excellent. I dread to think what would have happened if she hadn't been there."
Matt & Clare - August 2004

"Lindos Weddings" - run by Karen & Laurence Traynor.

"Infinity Weddings" - run by Chrissie Travell.

"Rhodes Wedding Wishes" - run by Tracy-Ann O'Flynn.