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Many of the beaches on Rhodes are shingle - which is fine if you prefer that to sand.
You may even prefer to swim off rocks.
Here are a number of beaches from Faliraki down to Prasonisi.


There are those who love Faliraki but it is not for me.
Little passenger trains on the prom - MacDonalds - it's too much like Rhyl.

However - it does have a nice sandy beach!


This bay, just south of Faliraki, was once given to actor Anthony Quinn - some filming for the Guns of Naverone was done here. It is made up of two rocky coves - very attractive.


Afantou is an incredibly long shingle beach - very open.


Kolimbia looks like a neat resort but I have only seen it from the top of Tsambika.

Tsambika Beach

This is another shot from the top of Tsambika.
This is regarded as one of the best beaches on Rhodes.


Charaki is a fishing village which has become a "fish restaurant" trap.
It's fine if you have plenty of money to spend on sea-food.


Pefkos has a pleasant beach and is well liked as an alternative to Lindos


Attractive to visit but not desperately appealing - a shale beach


Gennadi was about as appealing as Kiotaro - an empty beach on 19th June!


At least there was life at Plimiri - fishing boats. The beach is backed by reeds and dunes.
It was more interesting than Gennadi but still less hospitable than I prefer.


Prasonisi is for the serious water-sporter.
Either side of this spit of sand at the very tip of the island is a flurry of windsurfers (left side)
and kite surfers (right side). There are pro-stores and many enthusiasts.
You would be very foolish to try to swim here!

It was great to see the surfers - quite a spectacle!

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