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Petaloudes, or "Butterfly Valley" as it is known. During the summer peak this valley is home to millions of nocturnal butterflies.
They cling to almost every rock and tree in sight, occasionally disturbed into brief flight. It is a most spectacular sight in a beautiful setting. You'll see crabs in the gentle stream and, if you're eagle-eyed, the occasional lizard. Sadly, the tourists who flock to see this sight are the cause of a reduction in the numbers as the butterflies really need to be left in peace and quiet.

There are two stages to the valley - one of about 400 metres and another of about 1000 metres. There is a restaurant at the lower end of the valley and a cafe between the two stages. The walk is quite bumpy underfoot so comfortable but relatively sturdy footwear would be best. I would recommend starting at the bottom and climbing to the top - where there is a small monastery offering freshly squeezed juice and a limited range of other refreshments. The walk back down takes a fraction of the time.

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