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Greek Orthodox Easter

Lindos Church
The Greek Orthodox Easter will be celebrated between Good Friday April 29th and Easter Monday May 2nd in 2016. The preparations for Easter involve fasting, the baking of the traditional easter sweetbreads or biscuits and the boiling and painting of eggs (the red denotes the blood of christ). There are services throughout the week and much decoration of the church. The best time to join in is on the Saturday night. You should dress respectfully and take an unlit candle with you. At midnight, as the resurrection of Christ is announced, you can light your candle to return to your villa or rooms. If you get home with the flame still alight it is customary to mark a cross on the door with the soot - a mark of protection for the property in the coming year.
[Best to blow out the flame so as not to burn the paint on the door]


Lindos Music Week is now called Rock'in Rhodes takes place 15th to 25th June 2016.
Tribute bands include Floyd in the Flesh, Dizzy Lizzy, AC/DC UK, Guns 2 Roses, Junction Classic Rock and more.
You'll find all the details here

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